It's celebration time - Nike Air Max Plus "25th Anniversary"

It's celebration time - Nike Air Max Plus "25th Anniversary"

Sean McDowell's 25th anniversary created a revolutionary for the history brand Nike Air Max Plus model. The model stood out strongly for its shape and the wavy TPU overlays made it stand out from other sneakers from Nike if you wore them with autmat feet.

Nowadays, this model works in a very lifestyle rhythm in combination with the hype on it driven by the entire sneaker community.

Now it's celebrating its 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, Nike is giving us a special edition of the Nike Air Max Plus "25th Anniversary".

The shoe is based on a unique gradient pattern that covers the entire upper, which is very similar to that of the Nike Air Max Plus "F.C. Barcelona" By Patta. The most interesting feature here is the box in which the shoe will be placed, which directly relates to the whole history of the model.

When it comes to the exact release date, Nike is silent, but for sure the Nike Air Max Plus "25th Anniversary" will appear in 2023, so arm yourself with warmth and stay tuned to EKICKS!

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