Jacquemus x Nike Jf1 - A Closer Look

Jacquemus x Nike Jf1 - A Closer Look

It promises to be a collaboration between Nike and luxury designer Jacquemus. This time they have aimed at the classic that is the Air Force 1 model from Nike. However, the scheme of the whole model will be heavily broken, but no wonder, in the end, this is what Jacquemus is famous for.


The Concept 

The concept of the whole collab is to be based on the combination of the Air Force 1 model with the Nike ACG line. Which results in unsavory effects. The most prominent feature of the whole release will be the sole, which gives the shoe its uniqueness. Of course, the upper is preserved in the shape of the Air Force 1.


Jacquemus x Nike "JF1"

The whole shoe will be based on a shape we've never seen before when it comes to the Air Force 1. The upper is kept in the style of the model, but if we look at the lower part of the shoe it's really happening. The sole is all borrowed from Nike's ACG line. The design of the shoe is earthy and we expect it to look just as good on the foot. We can expect two colorways: white and black, which is a classic.

@dirty_laces The Jacquemus x Nike “JF1” will be dropping sometime this summer but we have pairs in select sizes now! Would you rock these? #fyp #sneakers #xyzbca ♬ PUT YOU ON GAME - Russ

The premiere is expected to take place on the official Jacquemus website on June 13, 2023. If you want to grab your pair by the retail then you'll have to e.g. hurry up because the sizes will probably sell out quickly.

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