MSCHF And Crocs Release Collaborative Big Boots

MSCHF And Crocs Release Collaborative Big Boots
MSCHF continues to surprise with its evasive approach to projects as a collective. After the resounding success and controversy surrounding the MSCHF Big Red Boots, it decides to release an even bigger caricature of a boot in the form of the MSCHF Crocs Big Yellow Boots. 

Recently, the Internet has been circulating photos from the Paris Fashion Week, which have been provided by TOMM¥ €A$H. The whole thing is based on practically the same silhouette as their predecessor Big Red Boots. The innovation here is to be the distinctive piping alluding to the Crocs themselves. There is also a Sport Mode stripe around the heel that completes the whole design. They promise to be a great option for summer for those who appreciate unconventionality. MSCHF Crocs Big Yellow Boots are certainly more breathable than the classic Big Red Boots.

This year promises to be interesting when it comes to quirky shoes, and MSCHF reigns supreme in this industry.

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