New Balance 9060 "Chrome Blue" - warmer days are coming

New Balance 9060 "Chrome Blue" - warmer days are coming
In today's EKICKS magazine article, the perfect summer pair from New Balance flies in with a refreshing shade - New Balance 9060 "Chrome Blue"

The shade is based on dominant shades of ice blue, which gives a futuristic look to the New Balance 9060 model. A lighter shade of ice blue adorns the shoe's upper, which goes into deeper oceanic shades of blue. This treatment ensures you will turn heads every time you wear them on your feet.

The whole design is complemented by the bright white shade seen on the logo New Balance itself and the shiny part of the midsole. Going lower we see only gray shades that complete the design.

When it comes to comfort, you won't be disappointed either, as we have here the Abzorb system, which provides your feet with the highest level of comfort during everyday use. We can not forget about the airy mesh on the upper that will ensure your feet' comfort on those quiet days.

As for the release date, the Paradise New Balance 9060 "Chrome Blue" will come out in April 2024, so it's a perfect opportunity to welcome those warm days in style with a capital N.

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