New Balance 9060 - the brand's new most popular model ?

New Balance 9060 - the brand's new most popular model ?

It should be noted that in the last few years, New Balance has been gaining momentum and is becoming more and more popular every year. After the success of the reissue of the 80's model New Balance 550 or the release of the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack, the brand does not stop and releases newer and newer models. Today we take a look at a rather fresh model from New Balance - the New Balance 9060 

How was the 9060 model created? 

The model was designed by two talented and respected designers in the history of the New Balance brand, James Lee, and Yue Wu. It is worth mentioning that one of them, Yue Wu, created the famous 'Refined Future' pack or 990 model. The whole concept was to be based on a combination of the good principles of the New Balance brand and something completely new and unexpected. 

What makes New Balance 9060 unique and desirable 

A unique body 

The whole thing is based on a massive body and a completely new approach to design by the brand. It is this shape that makes the shoes stand out from other New Balance models. And of course, it is the main factor why people want the New Balance 9060 so much. 

Comfort at the highest level

The whole is based on the well-known and tested technologies of the New Balance brand. Besides, anyone who has dealt with the 100-year-old Massachusetts giant knows that comfort is engrained in every product of the brand. 

Quality and preservation of classic brand values 

New Balance 9060 model have classic branding, Seattle, and most importantly quality at a high level. The 9060 NB uses quality suede, airy mesh, and decent materials for the sole and systems.

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