Nike Air Force 1 Low "White/Grey/Orange" - a combination of modern design and classics

Orange" - a combination of modern design and classics
It's no secret that Nike's Air Force 1 model portfolio is the most important one. And it seems that the brand does not, because before you are a gem in the form of the Nike Air Force 1 Low "White/Grey/Orange".

The "White/Grey/Orange" colorway is a tribute to many of Nike's classic colors, but we must admit that it looks better than the massive Air Force 1.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low "White/Grey/Orange" edition refers to the famous "utility" pattern with mesh stitching on the front panel. In addition, there are two swooshes, one head on the middle of the side panel and the other on the upper, dyed in a post-maroon accent.

You won't be disappointed because we have here high-quality premium leather, which gives them not only a good look but also ensures durability.

At the moment there is no single confirmed release date, but don't worry, we are here and we will inform you about everything! In the meantime, check out this article with interesting editions of the Air Force 1- Nike Air Force 1 Low "Mint Foam" incredibly clean and eye-catchy

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