Nike Cortez "NAI-KE" - closer look

Nike Cortez "NAI-KE" - closer look
Nike as we already know well some time ago released a special slightly more outstandig product line "NAI-KE" created Asia Exclusive. After the warmly received Air Force 1 from under this banner ike is preparing a big comeback in cortez "NAI-KE". !

The entire line will be based on an extremely stylish yet fashionable look, perfectly leaving the atmosphere of the Asian country. The upper has been trimmed with high-quality leather with outstanding suede overlays. The lace dubrae print, inspired by bamboo, is what gives the whole look its unique flair.

The whole look is really smashing, especially the break between simple shades and a different approach to design.

As for the release date, not much is known yet about the Nike Cortez "NAI-KE" itself, so stay tuned and you won't miss it!

In the meantime, check it out - Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low "Orange"! Coming soon

Nike Cortez "NAI-KE"

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