Nike Dunk Low "Photon Dust/Vintage Green" Shock the spring

Vintage Green" Shock the spring
The hype for the Nike Dunk Low model isn't slowing down and it's evident by how many new colorways the brand has been releasing lately. It seems that they are looking for new clean and eye-catching Nike Dunk Low "Photon Dust/Vintage Green".

The shoe is based on a leather upper in a very distinct white shade, which is complemented by panels in the shade of "Photon Dust". We have to admit that this bellows gives the Nike Dunk Low "Photon Dust/Vintage Green" a very clean-looking note, which only adds to the current trends. The design is complemented by the typical dark shades of "Vinatge Gree" green, which add not only a finishing touch, but also an eye-catchy look.

As for the release date of the Nike Dunk Low "Photon Dust/Vintage Green", we don't have a firm date yet, but rumor has it that it will be in spring this year. So stay tuned, because this is sure to be one of the best Dunk Low picks this year.

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