Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 are coming soon

Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 are coming soon
New Balance and the king of luxury casual Stone Island join forces and present us with a collaboration project based on the already legendary New Balance 991 silhouette!

Recently New Balance is really up to the task and delivers an increasingly better and better release. After the last release of the Aminé x New Balance Mooz 610 is Bananas collab with Stone Island.

It will be based on the New Balance 991 model, which is well-known to all New Balance lovers. It is worth mentioning that it will not be a new model, but a close match between the New Balance 991 silhouette and Stone Island's unique approach. It looks like the Stone Island brand will leave its biggest touch on the lower lining (suggesting the unfortunately blurry launch photo).

As for the Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 release date, it is announced that they will be dropping very soon. Obiwobko stay tuned to EKICKS magazine to be the first to be informed and in the meantime check this out - A new look at the most popular models and novelties from New Balance

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