The releases of dunks low under 250EUR

The releases of dunks low under 250EUR

Dunks are one of the most popular coveted from Nike in recent times. The brand has already started to hype the model in 2020 with reissues of 1980 iconic colorways, or collaborations with brands like Off-White. By 2023, even countless different releases, colorways, and collaborations had come out. Among them, are the most sought-after releases such as the Dunk Low White Black Panda or the extremely limited release with Ben & Jerry,s Chunky Dunky.

Today they are worn not only by sneakerheads but also by fashion lovers, celebrities, or simply people who appreciate their minimalist old-school look. Thanks to the large number of releases everyone will find something for themselves. We should also remember that no matter what color or release we choose, they always have that special touch. It is on this occasion that today in EKICKS magazine we decided to present to you the releases of Dunk Low up to 250EUR

However, it's worth finding out what size you should choose before buying:

How do they fit Dunks -Dunks poses standard Nike sizing which means you can reliably choose your standard size.


 Dunk Low Peach Cream - Catch them Here 


Dunk Low Next Nature Mint - Catch them here 


Dunk Low Black White Panda - Catch them here 


Dunk Low Jackpot - Catch them here 



Dunk Low Sand Drift - Catch them here 



Of course, on EKICKS you will find many more interesting releases of Dunks Low under 250EUR, we recommend you to look through our portfolio for this purpose


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