The Tiffany Co X Air Force 1 Low 1837

The Tiffany Co X Air Force 1 Low 1837

The wittiest collaboration of the year, Nike x Tiffany & Co. has just landed on EKICKS. This is undoubtedly the most awaited collaboration not only by sneakerheads but fashion lovers as well. On this occasion, we would like to present to you this wonderful pair, which is Tiffany Co X Air Force 1 Low 1837. 

The Tiffany Co X Air Force 1 Low 1837 

The choice is the legendary and one of the most classic models from Nike - Air Force 1. The entire upper is covered with high-quality black suede. Of course, there was no way to miss Tiffany's trademark turquoise shade. We can see on the Nike logo "Swoosh", sole and the form of additional laces. 



In our opinion, this is the release of the year. It's rare for a luxe jewelry brand to collaborate with a shoe brand. Although Nike has recently enjoyed adding jewelry to its models. A swish example would be the Air Force 1 Jewels or Air Force 1 Lucky Charms

Pare, of course, you'll catch with us easily and safely - get them here

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