TIGHTBOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low - closer look


Dunk SB is an icon of the whole sneaker culture without which the world would not look the same and certainly would not be as fun. Nike announces a new TIGHTBOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low Sb collaboration. In today's article, we'll take a closer look at what Nike has in store for us, so sit back and enjoy the latest release of the Dunk together with EKICKS. 

The TIGHTBOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low 


The shoe is based on the iconic Dunk Low Sb model, which provides a very clean look with plenty of room for Nike designers. The combination of the black upper with white panels gives a classy look to the whole pair, while the special print on the white panels gives the pair its unique vibe. On the side panel, we can also find an orange all-over tag with the TIGHTBOOTH brand branding. A complementary role is played by the black midsole, which sits on a contrasting white lower part of the lining.

TIGHT BOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low is really interesting, differing from the classic Nike Dunk Low releases,

When it comes to the release date of TIGHTBOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low it looks like we'll have to wait a bit, but they will be released later this year!

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