Why are New Balance 530 so popular?

Why are New Balance 530 so popular?

New Balance has always been famous for having the classic approach that it has followed for years. All models are unique in their way and have a greater or lesser substitute for the old-school New Balance look. Today we'll take a look at the New Balance 530 models, and find out how to properly accessorize them in your styling, and what their whole phenomenon is famous for. 


New Balance 530 - introduction 

They first saw the light of day in the 90s and were dedicated specifically to runners. But their unique old-school silhouette quickly found many fans among fashion lovers and sneakerheads. At first they were underestimated, but since then they have been proudly worn on the streets of New York, Milan, and Paris. 


Why are New Balance 530 so popular? 

The New Balance 530 phenomenon is based around their simple shape, referring to the 80s, where at that time a lot of other manufacturers released so-called "Daddy Shoes". Their silhouette and wide range of colorways will give your outfits a unique and fresh look. In addition, they are easy to fit and their design will attract a lot of attention. We should also not forget about the comfort at a high level for which the New Balance brand has been famous for years.

New Balance 530 how to accessorize them in your styling.

The body of the New Balance 530 model is very versatile, which means that it will find a place in many of your outfits. They are perfect for casual outfits, for example, loose sweatpants, sweatshirts, and baseball hats. They will also find a place in the more formal styling, for example, elegant material pants, a jacket with a cool accessory such as a handbag. 


Here are some outfit inspirations from Pinterest:

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