Best New Balance models

Best New Balance models

New Balance has recently gone cold beyond recognition. More and more we hear about new collaborations or reissues of the brand's iconic models. The brand used to be associated mainly with comfort, but today, in addition to comfort, there is also popularity and a futuristic approach to design. That's why we decided to introduce you to some of the best New Balance hit models.


New Balance 530


The model is based on the classic silhouette of the 90s and falls into strong classic "daddy shoes" rhythms. This is exactly why it is so beloved. The simple silhouette will accentuate any of your looks and give a unique vintage look to your styling


New Balance 550


This is nothing more than a reinstatement of the ballot go model from the late 80s created especially for playing basketball. Their specific massy body gives every style a unique look. This is by far the most hyped model on New Balance at the moment. More and more colorways and collaborations with artists such as Alme de Leon Dore or JJJound are coming out.

New Balance 9060


This is a new child of New Balance that combines an incredibly futuristic design with the classic approach of the brand itself. It is a very massive block that is sure to win styling uniqueness. It is also worth mentioning that newer and newer editions are coming out, which turn up the hype of this model.

New Balance 2002R


This model combines the classic look of New Balance shoes with a modern design. It also follows the rhythm of daddy shoes but with a large dose of uniqueness. However, the whole is maintained in the classic old-school style of the brand. This is a worthy model for those who like to stand out among the crowd.

And that would be all the models we have prepared for you

Of course, you can get each of the above-mentioned pairs from us with a guarantee of authenticity.


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